technology at the williams center

Technology at the Williams Dispute Resolution Center features Guest WIFI throughout the facility and can be used to access all Audio/Visual capabilities to share electronic content on-screen.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom Video Camera

Technology in the meeting rooms and the arbitration courtroom includes Zoom video conferencing, with each room having a unique meeting ID for remote participants.

All rooms include large high-definition wall-mounted monitors and mounted video cameras capable of showing the entire room.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom Wireless Technology Accessible

A microphone for audio and a wireless mouse for controlling the wall-mounted monitors are located on all tabletops. Wireless access and wired connectors are available for you to present content on the monitors from your personal electronic devices.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom Zoom Conferencing

The on-site administrator is available to assist in getting you connected to Zoom, monitors, and wireless printers, which are available in each room.