collaborative law at the williams center

When all parties are amicable in reaching a settlement in the same physical space, the Piedmont Collaborative Law Conference Room features all the space and amenities you need.

The Williams Center Collaborative Law Conference Room

The Piedmont Collaborative Law conference room can comfortably accommodate up to 12, and remote participants can join via in-room Zoom video conferencing.

The Williams Center Collaborative Law Conference Room With Video Conferencing

A camera mounted above the 86″ high-definition monitor allows outside participants to see everyone present. The monitor also supports wireless presentations from participant laptops or personal electronic devices, and multiple wireless devices can simultaneously display materials on-screen. A wireless printer is also available.

The Williams Center Collaborative Law Conference Room Steps Out To Beautiful Outdoors Spaces

If any participants require privacy, the Piedmont Room opens up to a deck overlooking the property’s woodlands and pond, or they can confer in any open space within the center.

The Williams Center Collaborative Law Reservations Include Kitchen Access and Catered Lunches

All guests have access to the facilities and grounds, and the on-site administrator will manage catering requests and assist with technical needs.

The Williams Center does not provide mediators or arbitrators. Only qualified professionals may reserve space.