Williams Courtroom for Arbitration

The Williams Courtroom for Arbitration includes a functionally-designed judge’s bench, witness stand, counsel tables, and state-of-the-art Audio/Visual conferencing capabilities.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom Counsel Tables

The Williams Courtroom can comfortably seat eight. If additional witnesses are participating, they can wait in comfort in one of the Williams Center’s outdoor living spaces, or in open spaces within the facility.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom Video Conferencing

Remote participants, such as witnesses and experts, can join via Zoom video conferencing and be viewed on any or all of the 75” wall-mounted high-definition monitors facing both counsel and arbitrator.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom AV Control

All monitors can source content from counsels’ laptops or tablets, and in-room participants can conduct multiple wired and wireless presentations.

The Audio/Visual control panel on the arbitrator’s desk can manage the content on each monitor. A wireless printer is also available in the courtroom.

The Williams Center Arbitration Courtroom Judge's Bench

For an additional fee, courtroom proceedings can be recorded (audio+video or audio only) using the in-room IT equipment.

All guests have access to the facilities and grounds, and the on-site administrator will manage catering requests and assist with any technical needs.

The Williams Center does not provide mediators or arbitrators. Only qualified professionals may reserve space.